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april_2009's Journal

April 2009 Due Date Community
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For mamas with April(ish) 2009 due dates!
This community is for pregnant women with due dates in the Aprilish part of 2009. Due dates are just an estimate (and most first pregnancies go to 41w1d), so if you're a Marchish or Mayish mama, you're welcome, too!

april_2009 is currently a moderated community. To join, go to this post and follow the instructions. YOU MUST COMMENT TO THE APPLICATION POST TO BE APPROVED!

The focus of this community is on low-intervention pregnancy and natural birth. This is not the place for "birth is dangerous" fear-mongering -- the philosophy of this community is that birth is as safe as life gets, that homebirth is as safe as hospital birth, and that a woman knows her body better than any care provider could -- but respectful debate is encouraged. Education and information are welcome. Alienation and attacks are not.

When you join, please fill out the following survey and post it as an introductory entry:

Estimated Due Date:
Names/Ages of older children (if applicable):
Name/Age of spouse/partner (if applicable):
Hospital/Birth Center/Home/Undecided:
Favorite pregnancy/birth-related link(s):
Favorite pregnancy/birth-related book(s):

Welcome to this group of April Fools!